The Fuchs-Steinklammer Family


The Fuchs-Steinklammer winery has developed through the love and marriage of the winery owners, Kurt Fuchs and Helene Fuchs-Steinklammer. In 1989, the two wineries merged together, to create the Fuchs-Steinklammer winery as it is known today.


Born in Vienna, Kurt Fuchs is a second-generation winemaker who began making wine in his early twenties. Because of his love of heavy Italian red wines, he began experimenting with barrel-aged wines in a similar style and success was not far behind. Today, Kurt Fuchs is responsible for the vinification process and the wide variety of wines available in the Fuchs-Steinklammer selection.


Helene Fuchs-Steinklammer continues the legacy of more than 300 years of winemaking tradition. After finishing her viticultural education, she carried the title of Viennese wine princess before marrying Kurt Fuchs. Today, Helene is a certified sommelier and strives to not only ensure that each Heurigen guest has a pleasant experience, but also that each wine is perfectly paired.


Kurt and Helene have two sons, Stefan and Alexander, who share the love of winemaking. From their kindergarten days, they spent their summers in the vineyards learning about wine from their father. After graduating from the viticultural school in Klosterneuburg, Stefan travelled to Italy to learn more about winemaking from a new perspective. Alexander is currently a student at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna. Today, both are involved in the family business. In addition to modern technical knowledge, they bring innovative marketing and wine production ideas to the many generations of tradition and are also responsible for quality management in the vineyards and cellar.



Kurt Fuchs, Helene Fuchs-Steinklammer, Stefan Fuchs, Brittney Fuchs, Alexander Fuchs

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