The Fuchs-Steinklammer winery manages vineyards with a total area of 14 hectares. These vineyards are made up of approximately 55% white wine and 45% red wine varieties. Altogether, the winery cultivates 12 white wine and 13 red wine varieties on the Bisamberg (in the 21st district of Vienna) and in Mauer (in the 23rd district of Vienna).


The combination of climate and soil builds the basis for the character of our wines. Extensions of the Pannonian climate and the Thermenregion bring warm air to the area. The combination of warm days and cool nights enhances the fruitiness of the wines. The Viennese soil is unique and ideal for growing wine. In the Kalksburg, the soil is composed of prehistoric rock and dolomite limestone, which is ideal for a mineralic white wine. In the Mauer region, the soil is made up of heavy clay, perfect for creating exceptional red wines. On the Bisamberg, the soil is composed of loess and sandy clay, as well as sandstone of the flysch zone, an ideal ground for typical Grüner Veltliner and the Viennese Gemischter Satz.




21st district of Vienna (40% of our total vineyard area):

Our locations on the Bisamberg: In den Sätzen, Im Hochfeld, In den Gabrissen, Im Herrnholz, In den unteren Falkenbergen, In den oberen jungen Bergen 


23rd district of Vienna (60% of our total vineyard area):

Our locations in Mauer: Leiten, Roth-Düren, Kadolzberg, Kroissberg

Our locations in Kalksburg: In Säzen, Vordere Reisberge





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